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Golden Nugget One Arm Bandit Slot MachineMills
Golden Nugget

One of the Many variations of the classic Mills mechanism and casing individually customised for the Golden Nugget Casino, las vegas.

Probably the most sought after machine by collectors with its distinctive golden ladies. produced in a range of colours.

Currently the most reproduced model by reproduction companies.

Mills Cherry One Arm Bandit Slot MachineMills
Bursting Cherry

The name was given to this machine because it could payout a double jackpot when the 2 Cherries appeared in the window - this was unusual as the cherries on most slots paid the lowest amount.

A similar machine was produced under the name of Brown Front Bell, (as shown in picture), this did not incorporate the middle jackpot.

These models came as standard with the dagger type arm.

Roll-A-Top One Arm bandit Slot MachineWatling

One of the classic slots for collectors. Made by the Watling corporation. An attractive case with a pile of imitation gold coins providing the player with a hope of riches to come. The model pictured is the Eagle. Other models of similar appearance went under the names of Checkerboard, Birds of Paradise.

The design of the rotary coin escalator made this a striking machine along with the twin jackpot on the front. Watling went into liquidation in 1953.

Mills Hi-Top One Arm bandit Slot MachineMills

One of the biggest selling slot machines selling more than 120,000 during a 20 year production, with the largest range of variations to the common "high top" theme.

Built with and without, Jackpots, Escalators and differing pull arms. This model was copied by various manufacturers, including Buckley.

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