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Slot Machine Depot for One Arm bandit repairs

Frequent Problems with Mechanical One Arm Bandits
Here are some of the common problems encountered with the old mechanical slot machines. All these issues can be resolved with ease by watching the DVD we have available (see below).

Non-Paying Slots
One Arm Bandit Coin Slides Slot Machine InsideWhen you find that a slot machine refuses to pay any coins or not correct amount for a winning line, it can be for a number of reasons. Here is a possible reason and solution. The main reason would be incorrect coins have been used. Many users think that a modern 5p coin would suffice in place of an old 6d coin.

Apart from ensuring the coin diameter is a close match, the key importance is the thickness. This can be difficult to spot when putting single coins side by side, so make a stack of 5p coins, approx 10 coins, then next to these stack the same amount of 6d coins. You will then see there is a big difference in the overall height of both stacks.

Its this reason why the coin payout slides get jammed or pay incorrect amounts. If its jammed, you'll have to remove the slides and clean.

Handle Returns upright with a thud!
One Arm Bandit Coin Slides Slot Machine InsideThis is due to the oil pressure in the pump. When you pull the arm of a bandit and let go it should travel upright in a slow calm manner. If it "flies" back up with a bang, then adjustment of the pump is required.

Removing the back panel, in the bottom left compartment you'll see the rear of the handle pump. A small screw is clearly visible. Adjust this anti-clockwise initially (do not remove it totally!). Try the handle, begin to tighten the screw clockwise, re-test. Continue until you achieve the motion required.

If this does not cure the problem, the rubber piston seals inside the pump need replacing.

Reels slow and stop before brakes activate
One Arm Bandit Coin Slides Slot Machine InsideIf when you play the slot the reels spin, then slow down to a stop BEFORE the 3 brakes "kick in" to stop them, then the rear wire brakes need adjusting (or removing).

On the rear of the frame you'll see 3 stiff wires rubbing against the sides of each reel. Adjust the tension until the reels spin freely until the brakes at the front click in place. Some users remove these wires totally.

What do these wires do... If your reels are spinning too fast when the brakes engage, the reels stop with a harsh judder. The wires slow the reels enough to stop this from occurring.

All the above advise and much more is covered indepth with clear visuals on the DVD we have available. Further details below.



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