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Manufacturer: Bryans Autoworks

Year: Circa 1934 - 1960

One of the most popular wall type machines ever made, the Elevenses. A simple skill game often refered to as an Allwin. The Elevenses got its name from the fact it has 11 winning chances as denoted by the 11 holes across the front middle of the colourful playfield.

These machines were played by dropping a coin in the slot, often an old 1d or later models a new 1p. This would release a silver ball bearing at the bottom right. The object of the game is for a player to use the handle (bottom right) to flick the ball around the silver circular track. The ball would spin around the track several times before dropping in to either one of the 11 winning holes or the single loser hole.

What made these machines so popular was the belief that the odds of winning were in the players favour with so many winning chances. This proved not to be the case and more often than not the ball would end up in the losers hole.

If a winner was achieved the player would turn the knob (bottom left) to receive payout. The Elevenses had a clever mechanical mechanism to control all game play and winnings - What made it even more interesting was the fact the amount of coins paid out could be changed by the operator. No Electrics involved, just mechanical.

The Elevenses was mass produced and is commonly found for sale on auction sites and houses.


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