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Manufacturer: Various

Year: Circa 1901

This device is considered by many as the first ever automatic payout machine.

The player drops a nickel in the slot in the hope of getting 3 returned, or losing the nickel. There were no skills involved, no levers to pull and no reels spinning. It was pure luck and the laws of gravity that determined the outcome.

The picture (left) is a reproduction of the original with the front cut out, the original simply had a small hole in the front to see the coin drop through the machine. However, with this cut away we can see how it works. When a coin is dropped, if it bounces to the right (there's two chances of this happening!) then you lose, and the coin rolls in to a runway that stores future payouts. When this payout chute is full the coins fall through the hole far right and in to the back of the cabinet.

Should the coin bounce to the left on entry it triggers a small trip lever that releases 2 coins from the payout chute and also returns your original coin, hence the name 3 for 1.

A simple design but proved popular when released as unlike trade stimulator countertop games the bar tender did not have to spend time handing out winnings.


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