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Triple Match


A deck of cards are shuffled by the spectator. The performer lays out 3 random playing cards face down upon the table.

The spectator takes the cards that THEY shuffled and begins to deal the cards face down in to 3 piles until all the cards are exhausted.

The magician turns over the top cards of each pile. These cards have been arrived at randomly by the spectator. When the 3 tabled prediction cards are turned over they each match the 3 spectator cards - Impossible prediction trick!


The Secret

This appears to be an amazing effect to any spectator because they shuffle the cards. The pack is just a regular deck of playing cards. Once the cards are shuffle you take the cards and quickly glimpse the bottom 3 cards e.g. 7 of Clubs, 2 of Hearts, King of Spades. You quickly go through the cards (with the faces towards yourself) and locate the similar cards just glimpsed and remove these as your prediction cards. These will be 7 of Spades, 2 of Diamonds and King of Clubs. Place these face down in a row.

Give the cards to the spectator to deal all the cards face down in to 3 piles. The 3 top cards will automatically be the matching cards you predicted. Simple but effective. Practive & Enjoy!