Totally Magic have been supplying a select range of magicians around the world since 1988 with our exclusive magic range. Our early magic items appeared regularly in the weekly trade magazine "ABRA".

We have always strived to be innovative and ahead of our time. Examples of this are our highly collectable "Rolling Disc Box" based on the sucker sliding die box but using compact discs (CD's) instead. Being released in 1988 it was innovative and ahead of it's time.

We believe we were the early pioneers of video magic vhs tutorial tapes at affordable prices, often less than £10 per tape. Our most inspired and now copied idea was the inclusion of a CD-Rom tutorial with all our magic featuring video demonstrations and tutorials of the trick purchased, our first CD-Rom was in 1994 in AVI format, now copied by all magic dealers around the world!

Our range of collectors magic is made to order and are always limited, our makers are based in Germany, masterCraft are renowned for quality and unique magic. They can also make any magical item to order so let us know what you want crafted in wood and we'll pass it on to their skilled craftsmen.


We pride our reputation on excellent products, and outstanding customer service. Enjoy your look around our web site and bookmark us now as the items change regularly.