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Chinese Coin Box

Effect Description

A mini variation on the classic die box sucker routine using a borrowed and signed coin.
Place the coin in the box and cause it to vanish by tipping the box from side to side. Audience hear the coin rolling! Finally the 2 front doors are fully opened to display an empty Chinese box!


Effect Description

A solid teak stained wooden tube slide is handed out for inspection. A coin is slid through the tube.
Two solid bolts are screwed through the tube thus blocking the passageway. Magically the coin is made is pass through the tube AND the bolts.
Everything is examinable.



Effect Description

Small wooden stand with 6 ESP cards. 3 Cards are given to spectator and magician has 3 matching symbols which are randomly placed in the stand.
Spectator dictates where their 3 cards are placed by calling out the numbers shown on stand. When stand is turned all cards are paired.


Dragon's Spirit Cabinet

Effect Description

A small cabinet is displayed with a drop front door. Inside, the cabinet is divided into two compartments.
A small sponge ball is placed in the left side, the door is closed and the whole cabinet can be held by a spectator. Despite these impossible conditions the spirit of the cabinet moves the ball to the other side!



Effect Description

The Chinese Locker is a wooden card holder with holes through it's centre. A card is freely selected and signed. A sharp wooden spear with a long cord attached is shown, then threaded through the locker and card.
Amazingly right before the spectators eyes the card is slowly pulled and penetrated from the cord and locker!


Color Charms

Effect Description

An elegant wooden box is shown to contain two identical sets of coloured charms (wooden tablets). The magician places his charms in an unknown order first - THEN the spectator places their charms in the box along side the magicians.
At conclusion the two sets of charms match exactly!